Faking the iPhone for fun and profit

All these leaks of supposed and fake iPhone 6 handsets reminds me of something…
Ages ago — in technology terms, not as the chronometer flies, so I’m actually only talking six years ago here — I used to write a satirical column for APCMag.com. I don’t believe it ever made it into the print magazine; it was purely an online venture.
Anyway, way back in 2008, I wrote about how to fake the iPhone if you couldn’t get one, on the eve of the launch of the original 3G iPhone. You couldn’t give one away now, but back then it was the hot ticket item.
It strikes me that with all the fuss around “leaked” parts and sites buying “fake” models to pass off as real, nothing much has actually changed.
So this isn’t a new story I’m pointing to you — just a reminder that despite what Split Enz might tell you, history does indeed repeat.
Source: APCMag.com

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