Advertise on Fat Duck Tech! (Plus a tiny Adblock rant)

Like it or not, advertising is the lifeblood of a lot of media, including Fat Duck Tech.
As such, while I continue to freelance across multiple sites, Fat Duck Tech itself could use something of a transfusion.
So if you’re interested in advertising, sponsorship or competition opportunties, feel free to drop me a line and get hold of the latest media kit.
From very tiny beginnings Fat Duck Tech has grown nicely over the last year, but it can’t continue to grow without support.
Maybe you’re not interested in advertising, but reading instead.
That’s fine; any media outlet needs readers, after all. I’m going to crib from my own previous Adblock rant here, however, as there are a reasonable number of reader hits that seem to be dodging ads.
Please don’t.
Fat Duck Tech has been something of a labour of love for me; it certainly (to date) hasn’t been a massive money spinner. If I’d invested the same time into freelance writing for regular outlets that’s gone into The Duck, I would have made far more than I have to date, although I wouldn’t then own the copy that I wrote. That’s the nature of the deal, and I accept that.
But to continue doing so, I need both reader and advertiser support.
Rant over. Back to playing with the shiny tech things.

2 thoughts on “Advertise on Fat Duck Tech! (Plus a tiny Adblock rant)”

  1. I know a number of journos using Adblock, which I find bizarre …. I understand why people like it, but without ads you’re expecting many website owners to entertain you for free, and if journos don’t appreciate that, then there is no chance most readers will give a stuff.

    1. Absolutely — it’s rather like journos who regularly and openly pirate TV/Movie content. We’re creative professionals who earn our living that way, so dodging it when dealing with others is just downright daft.

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