4K Olympics go 5G only, Australia’s odd search habits and EVs get ready to go mainstream – Vertical Hold Episode 258

Why will only a tiny fraction of Aussies be able to watch the Olympics in 4K? What did we search for in 2019? And what does the EV future hold in Australia?

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We’re joined this week by Jason Cartwright from TechAU to discuss Optus’ curious deal with Channel 7 over Olympic streaming rights. The good news? They’ll be showing the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in glorious 4K resolution.

The bad news? Almost certainly not to you.

We’re also delving into Google’s search stats for 2019. Is it a good or bad thing that so many Australians had to Google how to vote in 2019? Is it surprising that so many of us wanted to know about nearby fires? And can you really win Powerball just by Googling how to win Powerball?

Finally, Jason’s an EV enthusiast and Tesla Model 3 owner, so we delve into his knowledge of the market to look at what the future of electric vehicles in Australia is likely to be. Are low-range models enough for city drivers? Are we doing enough to encourage EV takeup in terms of public parking stations, and when will Adam be able to buy the second-hand EV of his dreams?

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