XCOM: Enemy Unknown coming to iOS (for a price)

Can a premium console title make it in the highly price-sensitive world of touchscreen gaming? We’ll find out very shortly, when the excellent XCOM: Enemy Unknown launches on iOS.
Not that it’ll be cheap in comparison to other smartphone games. TouchArcade reports that Enemy Unknown will land on the App Store this week, but if you want some of its sweet alien blasting action, you’ll have to pony up $US19.99 for the privilege.
That’s premium, Square-Enix level pricing there, and I can hear the howls of the fanboys protesting that it’s not 99c already.
On the other, slightly more sane hand — and this is a point I’ve made many times before — if you can get value out of a piece of software at a price point, then it’s by definition good value. Knights Of The Old Republic is good value at its price point, and, presuming they don’t stuff up the controls, Enemy Unknown should be too.
Source: TouchArcade

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