Vodafone's offering free weekend data for prepaid customers

For the next three months, Vodafone prepaid customers won’t be charged for data used on weekends. As in, at all. Let’s hope the network can actually handle that kind of pressure.
Vodafone’s experimented with this kind of deal before; its press release notes that the last time it offered a “free” data weekend, customers chewed through some 590 terabytes of data.
To be specific, you’ve got to be a Vodafone Prepaid $30,$50 or $50 Cap customer to take advantage of the deal, which also offers free calls to China, the UK, US, India and New Zealand during the freebie period, which runs from now until the 26th of April and applies from 12am Saturday until 11.59pm Sunday wherever you are in Australia. So if you can fly really fast, you might just get an extra two hours out of it heading from Sydney to Perth, I guess.
On the plus side, free data, yay!
On the minus side, Vodafone’s had more than a few network woes over the past few years, and having a bunch of people hammering the network over weekends could make for… interesting… connections. Presumably Vodafone’s done its sums and network balancing to take that into consideration.
Or at least hopefully they have. For what it’s worth, Vodafone has a rather vague “fair use” policy (you can read it here) which suggests that if your usage would “adversely affect the Vodafone network or another Vodafone customer’s use of or access to a Vodafone service or the Vodafone network.
Image: Vodafone

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