Vodafone opens up 4G for prepaid customers

Existing pre-paid customers can now chew up data quite a bit faster.
Vodafone’s 4G network was, up until now, only accessible for post-paid contract customers.
Vodafone has announced that from today if you’re an existing pre-paid customer you can hop onto its 4G network and start using your data allowance at higher speeds.
If you’re a new pre-paid customer (or thinking of switching) you’ll have to wait until mid-November for 4G to start working for you.
Vodafone’s set up a page for 4G switching — by and large from looking at it, it appears to simply be making sure you’re on the right Vodafone APN and that 4G/LTE is enabled on your device, as well as slightly bumping up the provisions on its $40 recharge rate. That’ll now score you 1GB of data previously 650MB and $750 “worth” of calls, up from $650.

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