Temple Of Elemental Evil For Free? I'll Take Three!

The classic AD&D module Temple Of Elemental Evil can be yours right now for absolutely nothing. If you’d told me that when I was ten, I would have exploded.
In fact, I just might do so anyway, just to celebrate.
To be clear, this is the Temple Of Elemental Evil module in PDF form for the 2nd Edition of AD&D. Classic, old school roleplaying, in other words. Gygax being… Gygaxian. Is that even a word? It should be.
And it’s free, aside from whatever it’ll cost you to download 36MB of evil, but only for a little while. Evil clearly goes bad — who knew?
Source: DNDClassics
I’ll take three highlights products that are not only discounted, but which I reckon are good value as well. Cheap isn’t always the same thing as great.

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