Telstra takes stand against homophobia

It’s International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia today, and that’s an issue I can proudly support as an individual. Big businesses are often a little shy around issues like that — and it’s a pity — so I’ve got to applaud Telstra’s particularly public stand.
In a blog post on the Telstra Exchange site, Paul Geason doesn’t mince words, given the piece is titled We will stand up against homophobia. Always.
In a way, that’s all that needs to be said.
I’d love to think it would become a non-issue, and indeed not newsworthy that a large company was willing to take a position of this kind, but I know there’s still some distance to go before that’s a reality.
Sources: No To Homophobia, Telstra Exchange

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1 thought on “Telstra takes stand against homophobia”

  1. So I misread the headline at first and thought that Telstra was FOR homophobia… and I was very confused to why you were supporting them. Then I remembered how to use the English language and all was well again.
    I my defense I have spent the past 24 hours working on a major essay… and the longer I spend working on it the worse my grip on words gets worse and worse. If it wasn’t for spell check and the synonyms I would be in the fetal position right now and praying for the Apocalypse.

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