Sydney's Central station adds free Wi-Fi

Hanging around for a train at Sydney’s busy Central Station? From late this week, you’ll be able to do a little light browsing for free.
The NRMA has announced via its Facebook page that from late this week, the grand concourse and platforms 1-15 will offer free Wi-Fi for customers with a 30 minute/60MB download limit.
It’s an interesting move. 60MB isn’t a whole lot of data, but it’s enough for a quick check of email or social media, along with perhaps checking train timetables. No word on what kinds of speed or what the background network actually is, but if it’s anything like any other “free” service, expect it to be pretty busy — and pretty slow — during peak times.
Platforms 1-15 largely covers the country platforms and the first bits of the suburban networks, although wireless being what it is, I’m willing to bet a few stray signals might make it down to platforms further away.
Source: Facebook
Image: Hourann Bosci

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