Sinclair Spectrum Vega: The £100 Retro Computer

The Sinclair Spectrum Vega aims to recreate Sir Clive’s most popular computer as a pure games machine, although the price tag might stun some gamers seeking to reclaim their youth.
The ZX Spectrum never really had large scale market traction in Australia, but in the UK in the 80s it was the computer to own — or at least the one to argue vehemently about with Commodore 64 owners*.
The Spectrum was home to some productivity applications, it’s true, but the real reason why the youth of the 80s were enamoured of it were the games. I mean, we were young and had plenty of time to waste, and Miner Willy wasn’t going to crush himself with a giant foot or anything.
Retro Computers in the UK has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the production of the Sinclair Spectrum Vega. The Vega is a SOC (System On A Chip) board that effectively emulates all the models of Spectrum (even those produced after Sinclair sold out to Amstrad) and promises full Spectrum compatibility, although its rather clearly games-centric given that a keyboard — not even the famous dead flesh rubber keyboard — is nowhere to be seen, replaced instead with a simple D-Pad and four control buttons. Good luck balancing your 30 year out of date spreadsheets on that, then.

Then again, the pitch is solidly games, with the team promising 1,000 inbuilt and licensed games, a proportion of sales going to charity and more games on the way if you can’t be bothered to grab them and drop them onto an SD card.
As with all things crowdfunded there’s a risk involved, and the pricing for the Spectrum Vega will put it out of the reach of pretty much all but the retro hardcore, given that the minimum price to secure an actual Sinclair Spectrum Vega unit is £100, plus £20 to ship it to Australia.
If you’re still keen, the Indiegogo page is here.
*For the record, the author was in an Amstrad house at the time.

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