NBN: An alternate costing model

fibreThere’s no nastier tech-political argument right now than that around how much the NBN will “cost”, with both sides sniping endlessly and often toxically at each other. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t simple ways that Australia could afford an FTTP NBN.
Over at Lifehacker, Angus Kidman (insert yes-we’re-related-no-we’re-not-the same-person-clause-here) runs through a very simple methodology for bridging the cost gap between the FTTN and FTTP models currently proposed.
As he notes, doing it by cutting tax rebates isn’t exactly a vote winner that the Coalition is likely to embrace — but it does show that the differences aren’t as massive as some may make out.
So, go and read it now. After all, we’re all about reading things written by Kidmans here at Fat Duck Tech.
Source: Lifehacker
Image: G Meyer

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