LG's 100" Laser DLP Display will cost you $8,999

Want a really, really big telly? LG will sell you its brand new 100 inch Laser DLP display — for a cool $8,999.
In size terms, that’s actually not that harsh a price given what you’d pay for a UHDTV, although the Laser DLP isn’t a UHDTV; it manages 100″ of display space but only up to 1080p with what is essentially a screen and projector combo, albeit a combo that only needs to place the projector 55 inches from the display screen; that’s a fixed ratio with the projector designed to sit in front of the display screen.
One neat touch, according to LG, is that if you do walk in front of it, it’ll sense that and dim the lights to avoid searing your retinas. The lamp is rated for 25,000 hours of service life, and it’s claimed to switch on in a relatively brisk six seconds.
LG Australia has announced it’ll go on sale in July through Harvey Norman at an RRP of $8999, including installation and a twin HD tuner.

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