Kogan Mobile lines up Optus reseller

Kogan Mobile has sent an email to its userbase suggesting they shift to Yotango, an Optus MVNO for customers moving off the Telstra network after the collapse of ispONE.
An email sent out to Kogan Mobile customers offers a 30-day trial of Yotango with terms that are identical to the kinds of plans Kogan itself offered; unlimited talk, text and 6GB of data. That’s a deal that won’t last, however; it’s simply being offered as a trial based on a code sent out to each Kogan Mobile customer.
Being Optus based, it does require a new SIM, and the deal is only good for 30 days, after which you’d need to line up an account with Yatango. Yatango’s standard rates suggest 15c/min mobile calls with no flagfall, 12c/SMS and data at 5c/MB, but right now, the website is seriously busy — presumably with Kogan Mobile customers looking up the deals on offer.
Update: And now it’s up… at least a bit. Yatango’s core offerings allow you to “build” plans based on your usage. As an example, a 30-day plan with 200 minutes of calls, 200 texts, “unlimited” social media access and 5GB of data would run you $49/month.
Source: Yatango

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