Kobo eReader for $49? I'll take three!


There are loads of inexpensive eReaders out thereā€¦ and most of them are rubbish. Cheap screens, cheap construction, terrible interfaces, terrible support. You get what you pay for, mostly. Except when a really good eReader goes on sale, which is exactly what’s happened to the tiny (and cute) Kobo Mini.
JB Hi-Fi’s currently flogging off the Mini at half price, making it a very tasty $49. I really rather liked the Mini, especially given its small stature:

But I must be strong. I do not need another eReader. I do not need another eReader.
But you? If you’ve been keen on a general ePub-capable eReader that you can stow in your pocket, $49 for the Mini is an absolute bargain.
Source: JB Hi-Fi

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