Kobo eReader for $49? I'll take three!

There are loads of inexpensive eReaders out there… and most of them are rubbish. Cheap screens, cheap construction, terrible interfaces, terrible support. You get what you pay for, mostly. Except when a really good eReader goes on sale, which is exactly what’s happened to the tiny (and cute) Kobo Mini.
JB Hi-Fi’s currently flogging off the Mini at half price, making it a very tasty $49. I really rather liked the Mini, especially given its small stature:

But I must be strong. I do not need another eReader. I do not need another eReader.
But you? If you’ve been keen on a general ePub-capable eReader that you can stow in your pocket, $49 for the Mini is an absolute bargain.
Source: JB Hi-Fi

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