Jimmy is Intel's take on an open source robot

Intel will next week announce an open source robot initiative offering up schematics, science fiction stories and AI code so that people can 3D print their own intelligent robots.
Speaking today at Intel’s Developer Forum in San Francisco, Intel’s Brian David Johnson gave the audience a sneak peek at Jimmy — and several other concept robots — prior to the launch. The idea was borne out of work Intel’s been doing merging science fiction ideas with science fact — because, according to Johnson, ” It allows you to prototype the future and understand the impact of that tech on people.”
The eBook they’ll offer will have blank chapters, and that’s deliberate, because it’s still being written, and because they want to iterate it the same way they want the design process to be iterative over time. Intel plans to offer up kits to US robot makers (here’s a hint, Intel Australia: Do this as well) and encourage the community to share ideas, concepts and discoveries along the way.
Disclaimer: Alex Kidman travelled to San Francisco as a guest of Intel.

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