iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus: Just the basics

Just want the essential specifications for Apple’s new hero phones? Here you go.
Image: Apple
As expected, Apple this morning announced two new iPhones, now formally called the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. How very oldschool Mac.
The iPhone 6 is the smaller model coming in at 4.7″, while the iPhone 6 Plus comes with a 5.5″ LCD display.
Here’s the baseline specifications as revealed at the event.
The iPhone 5s and 5c will both survive, although right now Apple’s only listed US prices; as a reminder those are always contract prices, not outright. Expect Australian prices for the new phones to run in the $750-$1100 price range outright. They’ll ship in Australia from September 19th, with preorders starting on Friday.
,iPhone 6,iPhone 6 Plus
Display Size,”4.7″” LCD”,”5.5″” LCD”
Resolution,1134×750 326ppi,1920×1080 401ppi
Processor,Apple A8/M8 Motion Coprocessor,Apple A8/M8 Motion Coprocessor
Camera,8MP f/2.2,8MP f/2.2 with OIS
OS,iOS 8,iOS 8
Battery Life (hours) (Audio),50,80
Battery Life (hours) (Video),11,14
Battery Life (hours) (Wi-Fi Browsing),11,12
Battery Life (hours) (LTE Browsing),10,12
Battery Life (hours) (3G Browsing),10,12
Battery Life (hours) (3G Talk),14,24
Battery Life (hours) (Standby),10,16
Pricing, $869/$999/$1129, $999/$1129/$1249
All specifications (including battery life estimates) are as per Apple, so take with the requisite grain of salt.

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