iPad Air 2: Did Apple just leak its own iPad announcement early?

A somebody’s-getting-fired leak, or a deliberate marketing ploy? It’s hard to say, but it appears that the iCat is out of the bag, with the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 due to be announced tomorrow.
Apple loves secrecy. That in itself is no secret, so when information does leak out, it’s usually from some third party, be it a Chinese factory producing the actual hardware, or a software partner speaking out of turn. It’s fairly unusual for Apple to be the source of a leak itself, and that, alongside the reveal of the Nexus 9 today has me pondering if Apple isn’t playing a slightly wider marketing game here.

Image: AppleInsider

Regardless, as per AppleInsider, Apple’s own iPad User Guide for iOS 8 apparently gives the game away, noting that the new devices will be the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 respectively. They both appear to offer Apple’s TouchID funtionality, and the iPad Air 2 will also apparently have burst mode for photography, which can only encourage people to use tablets for photographic purposes.
That’s not the most detailed leak ever, if it is indeed a leak, and I guess we’ll find out more formally tomorrow when Apple announces the new tablets, and, as per the rumour mill, possibly some “retina” iMacs.
Source: AppleInsider

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