iOS 9 Is Now Available, WatchOS 2 Isn't (For Now)

Apple’s released the latest major update to its mobile operating system, iOS 9. The promised update to the Apple Watch OS, however, has been delayed.
iOS 9 weighs in at 1GB as a download (or at least has done on the iPhone 6 and iPad Air I’m updating as I write this), although with a slew of app updates hitting the App store to allow for iOS 9 compatibility and features, you can expect to burn through quite a bit more data than that. Also, expect initial downloads to be slow as everyone jumps on board the iOS 9 download queue. It’ll probably crash for some folks while upgrading, because that usually happens. Equally, it would be sensible to backup your iOS device prior to upgrade, but reality suggests to me that most folks won’t do that.
iOS 9 is available for every iPhone from the 4s upwards, allows for temporary app removal if you’re short on space, and features multitasking (for later model devices), improved Siri, improved battery life and, naturally, a slew of bugfixes. Also probably some bugs, because programmers are human too, but Apple doesn’t like to talk about those.
Except when it does. WatchOS2 for Apple Watch was also due to be released, but got pulled at pretty much the last moment. Apple says that it’ll be released “shortly”, according to TechCrunch.
To upgrade to iOS 9 if you’re not already prompted, head to Settings>General>Software Update, at which point your device should indicate if the update is available and applicable to your iOS device.

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