iOS 7.0.2 fixes lockscreen bug

The lockscreen bug that allowed nefarious types access to your photos, even on a passcode protected device was particularly nasty. The latest software update fixes it neatly.
iOS 7.0.1 appeared to fix it for eligible devices (at least in my own testing), but that update rolled out only for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. iOS 7.0.2 is applicable to any device that can take iOS 7, and installing it is no harder than going to Settings>General>Software Update.
iOS 7.0.2 is only a tiny update — around 20MB for iPad and less than that in my experience for iPhone, because it only does two things. The first is fixing the lockscreen bug.
The second is adding a greek keyboard for passcode entry. You know — for when you have an Alpha-numeric passcode.
I’ll get my coat.

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