In flight gadgets legal on Aussie flights from tomorrow

You’ll be able to use your Kindles, 3DSes and iPads in-flight from gate to gate on the major Australian carriers for domestic flights from tomorrow.
Image: Andrew Thomas
AusBT reports on the change to regulations, which was widely flagged over the weekend as being imminent. You’ll still have to engage flight mode, so no sneaky SMSing from 20,000 feet, and it’d be wise to listen to the safety briefing if only to note the emergency exits, but at least it’s a feasible thing. Also, weirdly, the weight of most laptops will mean that they’re a no-no unless they come in under 1kg and are thus “personal”. Still, it’s all set to go. Or will be tomorrow for the bigger carriers; Jetstar, QantasLink and Tiger Air are still awaiting approval.
Anyone fancy flying me somewhere nice so I can test it out?
Source: AusBT

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