How to get a US Credit card for Aussie online shopping

There are all sorts of ways circumvent geographical blocks on products and services that are sold only in the US, but often you’ll falter at the point where it requires a US-based credit card. It’s not that hard to get around that hurdle either.
Over at the SMH, Adam Turner’s outlined how he gets around the US credit card problem by way of a credit card solution sourced from his local post office. If you were using a US credit card for purchases in any case, the odds are high you’d end up back at the post office to collect the parcels, so there’s some nice synergy there.
Speaking of synergy, this also gives me an outlet to congratulate Adam, who last week won the John Costello Best Business Technology Journalist award at the 2013 IT Journalism Awards. Adam’s a top-flight writer whether it’s business or pleasure (and a fellow IT Freelancer), and the award was stunningly well deserved. You may applaud now!
Source: SMH
Image: Images Of Money

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