Google Chrome takes top browser share in Australia

Google Chrome can apparently claim the current throne as being the most used browser down under — which means we’re handing even more data than ever before to Google.
Statista’s used Statcounter to accrue its figures, which suggest that at least locally — and in line with global trends — Chrome is the flavour of the month with a 35% share against IE’s 27%, Firefox’s 27%, and a surprisingly large wedge for Safari.
That Safari wedge is interesting for two reasons; firstly it’s a little larger than I would have thought unless mobile devices are also being counted (Australians tend to love iPhones), but also Statista’s not listed its Safari results anywhere on the global map, despite having the clear space to do so for smaller browser shares if they happen to be Firefox or IE. Indeed, at least at a visual glance, it would appear Safari’s actually more popular than Firefox down under. Which I guess goes to show that you can, as always, prove anything with statistics.
Chrome is a great and flexible browser, but it’s also very much part of Google’s data gathering toolset. As such, and especially against the statements from Google itself that gmail users shouldn’t expect privacy — no, really, they said that. I wouldn’t expect much more with regards to your browsing history, but then that’s also quite common in online business.
Browsers come and browsers go. I can remember when everything seemed titled towards Internet Explorer, and before that, when Netscape Navigator was “cool”. Heck, I can remember Mosaic and Lynx, so perhaps I’ve been doing this too long.
Source: Statista via Mashable

1 thought on “Google Chrome takes top browser share in Australia”

  1. IE – Haven’t trusted this since around version 5.. every time they improve it, it seems more security holes are added.
    Firefox – This was my default browser for many, many years.. but I got sick of the amount of adware that started to creep in.. not from Mozilla but other nefarious developers.. it just got to the point one day where I said “no more!”..
    Chrome – This is now my default browser… I am not happy the data mining stuff.. but Chrome does appear to be at least more secure from the non-Google people… at least for now..
    Now that these numbers have been released though.. Chrome might come under attack from the aforementioned nefarious developers..

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