Fifty Two now on sale

Good news everyone! My latest book, Fifty Two is now available for you to buy through Amazon, iBooks and Smashwords for all e-readers!
Fifty Two is a collection of 52 short stories covering a wide range of genres, from comedy to history to science fiction to fantasy, back to comedy and with special guest appearances by a guy called Dave. Read it and you’ll find out why. Here’s the promotional blurb.
Fifty Two short stories of love, humanity, talking spiders, regret, passion, death, guys called dave, circuses run by bees, the future of education, how to name cats, loss, love, murder, redemption and anything and everything else that can happen to a human being. Or creatures that seem to resemble human beings.
Fifty Two contains a number of short stories (go on, guess how many) written by award-winning technology writer Alex Kidman, although very few have to do with technology or the kinds of writing he’s won awards for.
Some are lighthearted tales meant to make you smile, while others are darker investigations into the human psyche. Some are simple genre experiments, while others thread a narrative plot around a guy called Dave for some reason.

I’m excited! How can I purchase Fifty Two?

If you’re an iBooks user, you can purchase Fifty Two through the iBooks store right here.
If you’re a Kindle reader, you can find Fifty Two on Amazon here.
You can buy Fifty Two through Smashwords here, which you should also do if you’re using an alternate reader (such as a Kobo) or want it in other formats, such as PDF.

Hang on… how much is Fifty Two?

I’m trying something slightly different with Fifty Two, pricing it explicitly to sell. As such, it costs just $US1.99 to buy the whole collection in DRM-free ebook format. You may see it at slightly different rates in international stores, allowing for currency conversion and any relevant local taxes, but the baseline price is $US1.99.

I’m less excited! How can I sample this remarkable book?

Oh, you cynic, you. But I’m aware that people want to try before they buy, so from any of the available stores you can download a sampler that will give you around 20% of the book for FREE before you buy. That’s a lot of short stories for no money whatsoever!
And remember, if you like Fifty Two (or if you just want to do me a favour) share its existence through your favourite social media account. I don’t have one of those fancy book publishers to send me on a publicity tour, so all I’ve got is word of mouth, which means you.

I want MORE! Got anything else I can read?

My, but you’re a voracious reader! My first book, Sharksplosion, is also still available to buy at the same low price of just $1.99.
You can buy Sharksplosion through Amazon here.
Pick up Sharksplosion through iBooks here.
Or pick it up via Smashwords in multiple ebook and computer formats here.

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