Doctor Who: Five(ish) Doctors sequel is in production

One of the best parts of last year’s 50th anniversary of Doctor Who was the satirical spin-off helmed by Peter Davison, “The Five(ish) Doctors”. Paul McGann’s confirmed that they’re making another one.
This makes me very, very happy, even though the ABC didn’t actually show The Five(ish) Doctors originally. It was available to watch through the BBC site without geoblocking on the day of the 50th Anniversary, and apparently is still available if you’re in the UK.
Speaking at the Cambridge University Society, Paul McGann confirmed that production has commenced on a sequel. According to a report at Cambridge News, he also opined on a woman doctor (he thinks they “missed a trick”), acting in general (a “cruel but not indifferent” profession) and why he’d want a role on Game Of Thrones (for the assurance of a “pension”).
Source: Cambridge News via Doctor Who News

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