Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary programs announced

The 50th Anniversary special episode of Doctor Who — now formally titled “The Day Of The Doctor” — will be simulcast worldwide, but that’s just the start of what the BBC’s planning to mark the half-century mark for the Time Lord.
The DWCA notes that the BBC will also broadcast the previously announced “An Adventure in Space and Time” Docudrama, as well as a lecture on BBC Two by Brian Cox covering the science of Doctor Who. There will be a special edition of The Culture Show looking at the program’s cultural signficance, a program called “Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide” to provide as simple primer for casual fans, as well as a Radio 2 documentary utilising archival interview material to answer “Who Is The Doctor”?
No word as to whether we’ll (officially) see any of the TV stuff in Australia, but the BBC doesn’t geoblock Radio catchup services, so there’s at least that.
This clip isn’t entirely new — but it is contextual, plus, hey, Strax. Who doesn’t like Strax?

Source: DWCA

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