Cannon Fodder for $2.39? I'll take three!

Cannon Fodder might just be the best satirical take on war gaming ever made. Twenty years on, it’s still impressively playable, and right now it’s also stupidly cheap. War has indeed, never been so much fun.
I just noticed that Good Old Games has Cannon Fodder as a weekend special for the low price of $US2.39 for PC/Mac. If you’ve never played it before, it’s a deeply funny and still quite solemn wargame that originally saw light of day on the Amiga, based on the Sensible Soccer engine. Yep, this is a wargame… based on a soccer game. Because that was the style at the time.
In any case, $2.39 for Cannon Fodder is an absolute steal, and needless to say you should buy a copy. The only downsides? If you’re playing on a trackpad-based laptop — and it’s certainly feasible, because the hardware requirements are miniscule — it’s tough to right and left click at once. Also, it’s based off the PC code, which means you don’t get the finest intro theme ever.
Thankfully, YouTube still had that.

Source: Good Old Games
I’ll take three highlights things that are not only discounted, but which I reckon are good value as well. Cheap isn’t always the same thing as great.

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