Can Social Media save your novel?

That’s the aim of a curious Kickstarter effort designed to reward both authors and those who love to read. is a social writing tool designed to help authors finish novels, screenplays, poetry — any kind of creative writing endeavour. As a man with a still-to-be-edited-exploding-shark-novel sitting staring at me, I get the concept.
From a writer’s perspective, you get feedback from readers as you submit work, and a gaming-centric model to encourage participation. That, I suspect is where will either sink or swim, as too much negative social pressure could make it rather toxic rather quickly.

Editorial disclaimer: I know about because I know one of the actors in the pitch video. I have no stake in it in any way. is currently available in beta form, with a Kickstarter running to try to raise $US30,000 to enable it to expand to include a publishing channel, mobile version and additional writing services.
An interesting — if not entirely unique — concept, then. Is it the kind of thing that would get you writing, or submitting critiques of writing?
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  1. I’m not sure it’s a good idea to show people a piece of writing before it’s finished. So, this might be good for short stories, but I wouldn’t upload a book a chapter at a time. Maybe if it had sections and a section was finished, maybe then…

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