Blake's Seven Liberator For Sale? I'll take… HOW MUCH?

Classic Sci Fi fans rejoice, as the model of the Liberator used in Blake’s Seven is for sale. You’ll need to save a lot of your pennies to be able to afford it, however.
As PC Mag UK notes, a model that is claimed was used in the filming of the series has gone up on eBay. It certainly looks like the Liberator — or at least the Liberator before it came to its rather messy end — although hopefully they will have disabled the telepathic security system before shipping it to the final buyer.
All good and tasty, except for one thing, and that’s the asking price.
It’s a Buy It Now only auction (which to my mind means it’s not an auction at all) with an asking price of £33,000.
£33,000.00 is, roughly speaking, $65,000 AUD.
For that kind of money, they’d probably better throw in Avon as well.
Source: PC Mag UK

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