Bastion for a buck? Once again, I'll take three!

Bastion for iOS — which, it should be noted, needs an iPad 2 or newer, iPhone 4S or newer, or iPod touch (5th gen), so older iOS owners are plumb out of luck — is ridiculously cheap right now. Why are you still reading this WHEN YOU SHOULD BE BUYING IT?
Bastion didn’t start life as an iOS title, and indeed it’s been reduced a few times on Steam, and even (as memory serves) been a Humble Bundle deal title too. It may have even been reduced in its XBLA and PSN editions, although those kinds of deals are few and far between. Still, if you haven’t bought the other versions and you’ve got a compatible device iOS, 99c vs $5.49 is a pretty good saving — and there’s easily $5.49 worth of value in Bastion.
What? You’re still here? I’m not going to narrate the whole post, you know!
Sources: iTunes with a hat-tip to Gizmodo

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