Apple is offering Breaking Bad refunds [Updated]

The fifth and final season of hit show Breaking Bad… wasn’t quite the final season, depending on how you count such things. Apple is rolling out refunds (in the form of store credit) to anyone who bought the 5th season thinking they’d get the whole finale.
The issue was the subject of a lawsuit in the US — which I wrote up recently for Gizmodo — and it would appear that Apple’s tackling the problem head on.
In an email sent out to those who’d purchased Season 5 forwarded to Fat Duck Tech by Anonymous Tipster, Apple states:

Dear Customer,
We apologize for any confusion the naming of “Season 5” and “The Final Season” of Breaking Bad might have caused you. While the names of the seasons and episodes associated with them were not chosen by iTunes, we’d like to offer you “The Final Season” on us by providing you with the iTunes code below in the amount of $22.99. This credit can also be used for any other content on the iTunes Store. Thank you for your purchase.
Detailed instructions for redeeming the code can be found at
iTunes Customer Support

Anonymous Tipster is Australian-based but used a US iTunes account to get the refund, so it’s not clear if this would include Aussie customers. I’m going to check back with Apple to find out.
Update: No official confirmation from Apple Australia as yet, but as per Ben’s comment below, it appears that refunds are indeed flowing out to users of the Australian iTunes store.
Thanks to Anonymous Tipster for the tip!

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