Amazon App Store goes live in Australia, Kindle Fire HD available soon

Amazon’s alternate app store for Android devices has been around for a few years now, but you’ve never officially been able to access its app catalogue — or free app of the day services — in Australia until now. That ties into the imminent availability of the Kindle Fire HD Tablet, which hits Australia mid-June.

Accessing the Amazon App Store does involve installing another App Store app (which means you’ll have to allow “unknown sources” to install on your Android device) or directly via Amazon. The key attraction is clearly the free daily app (Fruit Ninja today — if you didn’t already have it), but if you’re a heavy Android app buyer, it’s well worth keeping in mind on competitive pricing grounds alone.
On the tablet front, the Kindle Fire HD will hit Australia on June 13th according to Gizmodo starting at US$214. With the way the Australian dollar has been going of late, that could end up being quite a bit more by then.
Sources: Amazon, Lifehacker, Gizmodo

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  1. Thanks for posting this Alex, I should’ve known before now that Australian IP addresses can access the app catalog.
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