Vintage tech and strange Italian stalkers

A weird week so far. On the one hand, I’ve extolled the beauty of 1980s technology in a new column for PC Authority:
Vintage tech: Looking back at the Commodore 64: “Just look at it. Is that not a thing of design beauty? Well, OK, no, not much.It’s brown and… brown. Or in some later revisions, more grey and… grey.”
And at the same time, a random vanity name search led me to discover the oddly named, somewhat gothic and slightly Italian fan group


all in caps for the emphasis, naturally. Makes a lot of sense to me. I mean, who wouldn’t love Alex Kidman?
People who were emphatically wrong, that’s who.
Sadly, it’s not actually about me (unless I’m living a strange double life even I’m not aware of). It does mean that I now know even more folk called Alex Kidman, though.

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