How much does an inflatable tube man cost?

Because sometimes my brain wonders the strangest things…

Roughly speaking, anywhere from $50-$150, but that’s probably without the fan to actually make them wave around like idiots.

Update: To clear any confusion from my rather pedantic acquaintances, that’s to buy. I presume you could also rent them, but I didn’t research that.

That’s based on a minimal amount of research online. There are undoubtedly more pricey ones, and maybe even cheaper ones. I am not responsible if they explode and injure any family pets if you do buy a cheap knockoff one and it goes up due to voltage differences or because you only paid $5 for it.

And no, I have no idea why I suddenly wanted to know how much they cost.

But I know, having researched it, that I’ll be seeing ads for the damned things for the next couple of weeks.

Which will make me smile, because I’ve no intention of buying one, but it beats a lot of the other ads out there.

Lead Image: Richard Whitesell

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