unveils bold new marketing strategy

Sydney, NSW: At a suitably glitzy venue*, Alex Kidman, chief proprietor of Alex Kidman and all associated bodies and commercial entities, unveiled a bold new 21st century marketing campaign designed to promote the freelance activities of Alex Kidman through the mediums of print, billboard, zeppelin and randomly marked wild ocelots.
Speaking exclusively to, marketing director for Alex Kidman, Mr Alex Kidman said:
“I’m extremely pleased to announce our forward-looking proactive marketing push. We at Alex Kidman feel that, going forward, it represents a new quantative benchmark in real-world synergistic ad-based marketing, as well as a gritty and realistic look at what freelancers can do in the modern word-based marketplace. As you know, Alex Kidman has been the market leader for over thirty years in bringing Alex-Kidman-based content to the marketplace through a multimedia approach that has included print, web, radio, online video and finger painting**, and we’re confident that this new marketing approach will continue to strengthen our position in the Alex Kidman content marketplace.”

While exact details on the marketing spend and product placement strategy were not revealed to market today, a sneak peek at the core image of Alex Kidman was revealed. As an exclusive subscriber to, you can gain access to this top-secret document by clicking here
About Alex Kidman: According to industry figures***, Alex Kidman commanded a 97% share of the Alex Kidman branded marketplace in the 2004-2005 fiscal year. With over zero employees on one continent, Alex Kidman is the leading employer of people called Alex Kidman **** in the Australian marketplace.
*Well, OK, it was his living room
** When he was three. New finger painting freelance rates available soon.
*** Which I just made up, same as any analyst.
**** Except for that quarterback guy in Florida. Do a Google search, you’ll find him.

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