Did you ever know that you're my hero?

The strangest things happen to me. As we were pulled up at some traffic lights today, a prototypically heavy set biker dude pulled up beside us on a heavy black Harley Davidson.Big black jacket, that curious Harley-specific black helmet that looks like it’s fallen out of World War One, grizzled white beard. You know the look, or at least should be able to picture it by now.
So far, so normal.. except that the music blaring out as he did so was Bette Midler’s version of “Wind Beneath My Wings”. To be fair, it could have been blaring from the car behind him (do Harleys even have speakers? Would that be legal?), but as odd juxtapositions go, it was a beauty.
For those who want actual updates, about all I can entertain you with is the updated and tweaked version of my bio on my “About Me” page. One of these days I’ll get a headshot for that thing. And then the real stalking can begin…

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