Shiny phones, shiny drives and… Weird Al?

An opinion column, a review and a quick video. Or, in other words, I’m rather busy.
First up, at Hydrapinion, I’ve mused on the ethics of recording acts in concert, by way of Harvey The Wonder Hamster:
Weird Al, Copyright and Camera Confusion: “Have I missed a common consensus about what’s acceptable with portable gadgets and concert going?”
Then at CNET, I’ve reviewed a drive that doesn’t much sound like a drive. Every time I say its name out loud, it sounds to my ear like the attack cry of an Anime character:
Kingston HyperX Max 3.0: “So you feel the need for speed? Kingston’s HyperX Max 3.0 USB will deliver it, but you’ll pay a premium for all that velocity.”
And finally, courtesy of the launch today, a quick look at Telstra’s latest addition to its smartphone range, and another addition to the growing stockpile of 30 Seconds Of Tech pieces.

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