Shiny cameras, dancing phones and pugnaciously pink laptops

It’s been a big week of video cutting, with no signs of slowing down just yet, as 30 Seconds Of Tech takes a look at the Sony NEX-C3, HTC ChaCha and Salsa and Sony VAIO E, L and Z Series.
First in the day was the Sony VAIO bunch. Which would make a rather robotic 60s sitcom, now that I think about it.
Then (at the same event, and I’ve still more video to cut from it), Sony’s NEX-C3, the camera that made my own NEX-3 obsolete on the very day that I bought it. Curses and drat, and all that.
And much later in the day, I pondered on the best way to launch Android phones while at the launch of a pair of Android phones, the HTC Salsa and HTC ChaCha. Yes, those are their real names.

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