I'm ready to be fired from the Cannon… or is it Canon?

One of the more common spelling mistakes you’ll find, along with “Phillips” for the consumer tech company.
Late last week I travelled up to Byron Bay with Canon (disclaimer: They paid for my transport and accommodation. Make of that what you will) to field test a number of Canon products; most prominently cameras, both DSLR and compact digital. That led to the Balloon Flight I posted a couple of days ago, and it’s also led to a couple of camera-centric opinion columns. First up, at Geekspeak, a column pondering whether it’s time for ordinary consumers to “step up” to a DSLR:
Is it time to step up to a DSLR? “Happy snappers could get adequate pictures from point and shoot models, while those who yearned for more control or specific types of photography would make the costly trip into DSLRs.”
Then at Hydrapinion, I’ve taken that argument in the opposite direction, pitting Compact Point & Shoot cameras up against Smartphone cameras:
Have smartphone cameras killed the compact digital? “It’s not that the average DSLR weighs ninety kilograms, or is the size of the Partridge Family bus, or anything.”
Moving completely away from cameras, I’ve also cranked out another 30 Seconds Of Tech, this time shot at a rather awkward angle. I blame my head cold.

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