Finalist time and floating away…

I nearly — but not quite — forgot to blog the fact that, once again, I’ve made the finalist cut for the IT Journalist Awards (informally known as the “Lizzies” for reasons that I won’t go into here. I miss the bronze lizard statues, though). This year, they’re being sponsored by Microsoft, which formally makes them the Microsoft IT Journalism Awards For 2010.
Anyway, I’m in the finalist categories for Best Reviewer and Best Consumer Journalist.
My competition? Well, for Best Reviewer, that’d be Adam Turner, Angus Kidman, Campbell Simpson, Craig Simms, David Braue, Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson and Ty Pendlebury. For Best Consumer Journalist, I’m up against Adam Turner, Andrew Ramadge, Angus Kidman, Asher Moses, Jennifer Dudley- Nicholson and Nick Broughall.
Wow. That’s an insanely talented bunch of folks to even be considered in the company of. It all happens next Friday night, which leaves me pondering; should I once again live tweet the event?
While I ponder on that one, a quick video that came out of a trip I went on with Canon last week. Not so much 30 Seconds Of Tech, more 30 Seconds Of Floating Around.

2 thoughts on “Finalist time and floating away…”

  1. You should definitely tweet from the event – early and often!
    Some of your co-finalists happen to be interstate and rely on such tweets to keep them informed.

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