A Droidally Different Viewpoint & A Bluetooth Tongue Twister

Over at Hydrapinion, I’ve started a series on switching from iPhone to Android. Sure, it’s been done before — this is not a unique idea in and of itself — but I’m curious to see what my reaction will be shifting from just reviewing Android phones — where I’ll extensively test a unit, typically with a supplied SIM in it, for an intensive but short period of time (usually dictated by the twin pressures of loan term agreements and writing deadlines) and using it as my “everyday” smartphone.
Can an iPhone user switch to Android for a month (and why would I want to?) “So I’m going to spend the next month using the Galaxy S II as my “regular” smartphone.”
Meanwhile, Creative held a press launch, and this inevitably leads to another 30 Seconds Of Tech. All the facts you need to know, none of the messy greater-than-thirty-seconds-mucking-about!

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