One step forwards, three weeks back

I perhaps overdid it yesterday — I cleaned and swept the verandah and driveway, washed the front windows and cleaned the car — with help from a little suds-soaked girl, naturally.

Of course, it’s raining this morning.

The overdid it part didn’t become evident until later in the afternoon, when my appendix scar started hurting, just as it had done a month ago. It’s a little better this morning, thankfully, but I think — well, I hope — I’m in for a quiet day of resting.

With two kids to look after. Yeah, like that’ll happen.

On the plus side, I finished another game: Destroy All Humans lies as a shattered pile of burning fleshy wreckage before my alien might. A fun game; limited in some ways that keep it from true brilliance, but fun nonetheless. Currently working through Total Overdose and Fire Pro Wrestling Returns — not that I’ll ever really “finish” the latter.

Recent Alex sightings has published some of my stuff recently:

Kyocera KX440: “If you’ve got a compelling business reason to own a push-to-talk phone, then the KX440 was built for you. If you’re after a flashier phone, it definitely isn’t.”

Denon DVD-1720: “Denon’s DVD-1720 is a simple to use progressive scan DVD player with DivX support, but little else to get really excited about.”

Dell Dimension 9100: “With both Intel and AMD solidly staking a claim to the dual core world, we can expect more applications to be rewritten (or originally conceived) with dual core applications in mind, so there’s a good argument to make that picking up a dual core machine, such as the Dimension 9100, is a solid futureproofing bet.” has published a bunch of my games reviews recently as well:

Spider-Man 2 (PSP): “On the minus side, they seem to think that Mary Jane Watson is extremely chubby, and that Peter Parker doesn’t in fact look like Tobey Maguire – instead, he looks like the bizarre love child of Maguire and Jerry Seinfeld. It’s a striking image, and one that may just haunt your nightmares for some time to come.”

Everybody’s Golf (PSP):
“Golfers, real or digital, all wear really awful pants.”

On the print side, the November issue of NetGuide magazine hits store shelves shortly — Wednesday, I think — with reviews of Google Talk, Registry Mechanic, Netcomm Homeplug, Kodak’s V550 camera, Total Overdose and others, as well as a portable media guide, all written by yours truly. While you’re down at the Newsagent picking up a copy, you should also pick up PC User, which has my review of Telstra BigPond Wireless Broadband.

Hannibal used to love it when a plan came together…

Right. Some stuff on the page sorted out, including the “About Me” pages for those wanting freelance writing. You did want freelance writing, didn’t you?

Now, all I have to sort out is moving the pages links up somehow to promote that, get rid of the car in the tunnel (I’m sure there’s something symbolic there) and sort out stuff like emailing. ‘Tis tres confusant, as the French might say (if they were drunk, which fits the odds), but I’m sure I’ll get there in the end.

Charlie don’t Smurf…

I thought that the Hip-Hop Smurf that K-Mart sells was pretty poor, and an indication that perhaps things had gone too far.

I thought that the Pimp Smurf that my wife purchased for me was kind of funny, but still not in the spirit of the Smurfs.

Even I would never have advocated bombing the poor little beggars , though.

That’s just… disturbing. On all sorts of levels. And this is from someone who gleefully used to play Smurf Hunt, an Amiga game that put you in the role of a shotgun-equipped wolf loose in the Smurf village.

Right.. first things first, then…

I guess I should re-load all the stuff from my LiveJournal, then. And then work out the page design stuff. And somehow catch up on all the sleep I didn’t have last night.

On the plus side: Orange Juice is good. Can’t argue with Orange Juice. Well, there’s no point, really — it just sits there, looking Orange.