Muppets Cover "Jungle Boogie" To Brighten Your Tuesday Morning

Because of course they do. As an added bonus, I will now have “Jungle Boogie” playing on permanent repeat inside my head all day. Continue reading “Muppets Cover "Jungle Boogie" To Brighten Your Tuesday Morning”

Tuesdayitis: Apple Car Video Leak

The Apple Car, if such a thing does exist, probably won’t look much like this. There’s nowhere near enough brushed aluminium, for a start. Continue reading “Tuesdayitis: Apple Car Video Leak”

Tuesdayitis: Portal Honest Trailer

Just in time to pick up your Tuesday, an Honest Trailer for Portal and Portal 2. Spoiler alert if you haven’t played the games, but if you haven’t, even if you don’t like games, then do so NOW. GLaDOS commands it. Continue reading “Tuesdayitis: Portal Honest Trailer”

The entire Internet is for sale in Australia

No, not an NBN story, again. The Internet. The whole thing. Yours, in a simple, no-politics-way, for less than fifty bucks, made right here in Australia. Bargain! Continue reading “The entire Internet is for sale in Australia”