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Making The Big Money And Dropping The Thin Notebooks

It’s all about the money, apparently. Except if you’re a journalist; while it’s an intellectually rewarding profession, it’s rarely what you’d call genuinely lucrative. Which is why, in my idle moments, I dream up get-rich-quick-schemes, like the one outlined in this week’s Hydrapinion: How to build your own Android Smartphone and MAKE MILLIONS!* “Just follow […]

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Now isn't it a shame that sometimes money buys you everything and nothing…

A couple of reviews and a small feature for today’s efforts to lower the mortgage. First at PC Authority: How to get legal movies online quota free: “How can you get movies as cheaply as possible? We compare TiVo, BigPond Movies, and iTunes Movies.” And then two reviews at CNET.com.au. Dell Inspiron Mini 1210: “Tastes […]

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