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As Microsoft hypes up its next Xbox, Sony shows off the Dualshock 4

Microsoft will reveal… something… on May 21st. It may be the whole console, or it may be, like Sony, a massive teaser for details to be shown later. Sony infamously showed off only a controller at its launch, and it’s now given over a few more details about what the DualShock 4 will be able […]

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Tablets, Privacy, Flips And My Fifteen Seconds Of Fame

As Road Warrior Animal used to say… Wooah…. what a rush. A spectacularly busy week, in fact. First off, a couple of TV appearances. On the ABC, I appeared on “7:30” discussing the Sony PSN hack: Hack Attack: The security breach on the Sony gaming network and what it means for cyber safety. And then […]

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