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Retro recollections: Castlevania (NES)

Time, I thought, to really sink my teeth into my retro gaming collection. Where better to start than Konami’s classic Dracula-fest, Castlevania? I’m not a big believer in the whole “pile of shame” concept — that idea that if you’ve got a lot of unplayed games, it’s somehow shameful or problematic. Sure, it probably does […]

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Camcorders and consoles for your consumption

A couple of wildly different articles for your entertainment and education today, which is why the above headline is a touch on the alliteratively tortured side. Firstly, at CNET.com.au, a standard definition flash based camcorder from Canon: Canon Legria FS37: “Canon’s budget line SD camcorder won’t wow anyone with high quality footage, but it won’t […]

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Have I got a bargain for you….

Astonishingly, the cheapest and most expensive games I’ve ever owned — and I’ve owned a lot of games — both arrived at my home within the last week. For the record (only a few people will get this), I’ve paid my own money for both of them; they weren’t industry “freebies”. Such expense — and […]

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