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  • Quick thoughts on the “death” of the iPod (It’s been dead for years, people…)

    Quick thoughts on the “death” of the iPod (It’s been dead for years, people…)

    So the hot news topic du jour is Apple’s announcement that the last product to bear the “iPod” name has ceased production. From today, according to Apple, it will no longer make the 7th Gen iPod Touch, and whatever stock it has will sell… and then be gone. Predictably, the Internet exploded with grief over […]

  • Apple's replacement USB chargers will cost Aussies $14

    Apple had already announced that it would offer a “trade-in” program for USB adaptors at its stores, but was quiet about the pricing, which turns out to be $14.

  • Apple's replacement charger program coming to Australia (eventually)

    Apple’s announced a worldwide scheme whereby iOS device owners can “trade in” third party USB chargers for official Apple ones, although the pricing of the Australian scheme is still up in the air.

  • Mobile Broadband, iPod Docks, Hack Attacks & Genuine On-The-Road Testing

    I’m all over the August issue of Australian PC User. And, as it turns out, all over the road this week.

  • T-Shirts and Terabytes, Fifty Cent and Choice

    Things were so much easier when I picked subject lines based on what I was listening to at the time. Still, the above subject line does make sense. Of a sort. Firstly, the T-Shirts, over at PC Authority, where I’ve looked over Internode’s new “T-Shirt” 1TB broadband plans: Internode enters the 1TB race with “T-Shirt” […]

  • Just keeps going and going and…

    You get the idea. A very busy week wound up with a review at CNET.com.au and a whole bunch more of Gizmodo posts. Normal, slightly quieter service resumes next week, but it’s still not going to be “quiet” by any reasonable measure. Dell Inspiron N301: “Dell’s inexpensive Core i3 Inspiron isn’t incredibly inspiring, but it’s […]

  • Let's face it – I'm tired!

    “Morning noon and night it’s drink and dancing, some quick romancing, and then a shower..” If only the life of a tech journo was quite that simple. Also, I’d look dreadful in fishnets. You know it, I know it — let’s not go there. Instead, we could go over to Hydrapinion, where this week’s column […]

  • Dropping clangers and dropping rubbish

    A couple of columns to keep the week ticking along. First of all, at MacTheMag, I cover the tricky area of predictions by way of a beloved British children’s TV show: MacTheBlog: Dropping iClangers: “Somewhere in my office, there’s a Clanger that I’ve dropped. He’s gorgeous, with his little pink nose and strange honking noises.” […]

  • iPod docks as far as the i can see…

    Another day, another feature review, this time at GadgetGuy.com.au, where I’ve looked over high-end iPod/iPhone docks with an eye to working out if they’re really worth the asking price: Premium iPod Docks: “Inexpensive iPod docks abound, but will moving up the price ladder yield a music system that better serves your playlist? Alex Kidman tests […]

  • It's that fruit company again…

    Another day, another batch of Apples. Yeah, I write about Apple a lot, although I strongly resist the whole “fanboy” tag. Firstly, at MacTheBlog, I exclusively reveal all of Apple’s plans for the upcoming year. Sort of. MacTheBlog: 2010: The Year Apple Makes Contact? “Working out exactly what Apple’s actually up to at any given […]