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A bit of everything: LTE Wireless, Nokia's Doomed, Digital Goods, Dull Apples and Borderlands.

A very busy week last week — so busy, that unless you were following my twitter stream intently, you missed out on my plugging my latest work. Something I’ll make up for here. At CNET.com.au, I’ve reviewed a media streamer: AC Ryan Playon!HD Essential: “AC Ryan, as a brand name, sounds rather like the name […]

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I'm a washerwoman. Doesn't stop the words, though.

For the record, I spent today vacuuming, tidying toys, washing clothes, hanging clothes, drying clothes, mopping floors, putting clothes away and entertaining a three year old in the middle of it all. Basically, by midday today, I looked astonishingly like this, only with less hair. That didn’t stop plenty of my delightfully hand-crafted words from […]

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