Surface Pro 3 Week: Day One: First impressions

Microsoft’s sent me a Surface Pro 3 to review, so I’ve decided to switch out my usual Macbook Air for it to see how well I get along with it.
I use a Macbook Air and an iMac for the majority of my day to day work, but in some senses, it could be just about any computer, because the vast majority of what I do is writing anyway.
So for today, I’ve concentrated primarily on writing on the Surface Pro 3, as well as getting myself comfortable again with Windows 8. Here’s my day one thoughts.

Full disclaimer: While I’m using the Surface Pro 3 for most tasks, I’m not doing the video editing on the Surface Pro 3. Or at least not yet.
Secondary disclaimer: Before anyone gets their underwear (or lack thereof) into any kind of knot, I’m not being paid by either Microsoft or Apple to do this. I’m all too aware of how rabid some fringes of fandom can be about that kind of thing.

1 thought on “Surface Pro 3 Week: Day One: First impressions”

  1. Like the approach Alex. Interested to see how this goes – esp. as a MacBook air user tackling the task (yes – I know as an even-handed professional journo :P)
    Bring it on.

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