Retro Video: Revisiting the Amstrad PCW 8256

What happens when you find a classic computer in a family member’s loft? If you’re me, you haul it downstairs, dust it off and plug it in to see what happens.
It’s been a long while since I’ve put any video up on my own personal YouTube channel. High time that changed, so for a start, here’s what happens when I find the family’s 1980s-era Amstrad PCW 8256 up in storage and decide to see if it still actually works.
For those not aware, the Amstrad PCW line (that’s Personal Computer Wordprocessor if you’ve never been formally introduced) were a line of word processing-specific computers sold by Amstrad in the late 80s. They’re not as multi-purpose as the earlier Amstrad CPC computers were, but that didn’t stop a truly great version of the classic Head Over Heels being developed for the system. I must have played through that game hundreds of times back in the day on the very system you’re about to watch below.

2 thoughts on “Retro Video: Revisiting the Amstrad PCW 8256”

  1. Aargh!
    You’re a ‘technology writer’??
    How come you put the disk in, then turn the power on? Risky, at least.
    I’ve been using my PCW since 1985 when they first came out, and I’ve ALWAYS turned the power on, then inserted the disk. I’ve never had any problems with my disks! They still work fine.

    Just asking!


    1. Honest answer? It had been that long since I’d used one that I didn’t think about that step of the process — but you’re right.

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