Kambrook Blitz2Go Review

Now for something completely different. A kitchen gadget designed to make me “healthy”, the Kambrook Blitz2Go promises quick easy drinks for busy people. But does it deliver?

Kambrook Blitz2Go: On the plus side

Before I start this rather unusual review — the last time I reviewed a kitchen gadget was Aldi’s Espressi Coffee Machine some years back — I should point out that this is based off a full retail model, as purchased by me. There are some who believe that everything that anyone buys is automatically good, under that theory that people want to justify their purchases. Just getting that out there in the first place.
But why did I buy a personal drink blitzer anyway? Two reasons. Firstly, because I’ve hit the age where the foods I’d like to put into my body are really bad for me, and my waistline is starting to show this. It turns out (and those who are younger might not want to hear this) that you can’t just live on a diet of beer and salami your whole life.
Yeah, I know. Nobody told me, either.

There's part of my brain that wants to add a gherkin to this. I call that part of my brain the "unhealthy" part.
There’s part of my brain that wants to add a gherkin to this. I call that part of my brain the “unhealthy” part.

Anyway, this means that healthy drinks seem like a good idea.
Secondly, because with having school age children around, it’s both wise and necessary to have a decent quantity of fruit around, but often I find that it’s not actually being used before it goes brown.
Few fruits are improved when they go brown.
So the theory goes that instead of letting them gain the traditional sports uniform of Armidale High School as a colour, I’d instead blitz them up into drinks, and get healthier in the process. A win-win… in theory.
The Blitz2Go itself is quite simple as blenders go. There’s a base power bit with a single button to activate the blade. The blade itself is removable, and that’s because it sits on the top of long bottles into which you put your ingredients, whatever they might be, blend and then pop on a lid so you can take whatever you’ve blended with you.
Look, the TV commercial makes it all seem so happy and simple.

As a small blender, the Blitz2Go is perfectly adequate; you’re not going to be able to blend, say, iPads with the Blitz2Go, but then they’re not particularly drinkable anyway.
It certainly can’t be bad for my health to be ingesting a few more fruits and veggies on a daily basis.

Kambrook Blitz2Go: On the minus side

You know how that ad makes it all look so shiny? That’s what advertising does, but the reality is a little different. Relatively few fruits and veggies come in blendable forms without some cutting, peeling and so on and so forth, for a start.
That’s to be expected of any blender, as are the issues of cleaning. The blades are nicely easy to clean, but the long bottles are a bit trickier; I’ve tended to rinse them fairly quickly once finishing a drink, because I can, but I could see how if you were using the Blitz2Go to prepare a commuter’s drink, the bottle might get heavy sediments in it that could be a pain to wash.
Again, that’s not unique to this particular blender.
What is unique are the bottles, because unless you want your fruits to fly all over your kitchen — and if that’s what you’re into, far be it from me to judge you — you’ve got to pop on one of Kambrook’s own bottles onto the top of the Blitz2Go blender base. It comes with two large and one small bottles, and after only a week of ownership, I’ve hit a problem.
Specifically, when cleaning one of the larger 600ml bottles, which you’ve got to do unless you like stale fruit remains in your next smoothie, the lid top broke off. I’m not talking popped off here; it snapped off in pieces.

Lid top, you are the weakest link. Goodbye! (Cutting edge pop culture references at no extra charge)
Lid top, you are the weakest link. Goodbye!
(Cutting edge pop culture references at no extra charge)

That’s not meant to happen. Annoyingly, a call to Kambrook’s customer support line revealed that they apparently don’t have any spares to offer customers. Perhaps building them a little stronger in the first place might have been a better option.

Kambrook Blitz2Go: Pricing

The Blitz2Go retails for $49.99.

Kambrook Blitz2Go: Fat Duck Verdict

Could you buy a more featured food processor or blender that would also make smoothies? Certainly, and there are plenty to pick from.
The Blitz2Go is quite convenient, and broken bottles aside it’s largely doing what I need it to do, but you’d be well advised to realise that like a lot of kitchen gadgets, it’s very particularly slanted towards a very specific use, and not much else.
I could, in a pinch, use it as a weapon against invading zombie hordes if I had to, but only if they were willing to slowly shamble into my kitchen and stand quite close to the small blades. I haven’t checked, but I’m sure that wouldn’t be within the warranty conditions. The Blitz2Go is a small smoothie machine, and that’s about all.

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  1. I liked your review mate, straight to the point. I`m looking for a blender (or smoother as you will) and Nutri Bullet is way overpriced IMO… This seems to be a good option for the price.

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